It was as if her life had taken a drastic turn. It was as if the sweetness and goodness that she had felt within had left her. She would go mad if she did not see that face. She couldn’t cheat herself any more by trying to convince her self that the face did not mean any thing to her. The little problems that she had handled with a smile earlier made her snap now. Another day of separation and she would break down.

Yes she had to find another maid as soon as possible. Life was becoming miserable. And it was on one of these days that a person known to them came with a lady who he claimed was good at household chores. One look at the lady’s face and her heart went out to her. The prospective maid was at least 70 years old. She mentally prepared herself to take in the lady as she felt no one would want to work at that age unless it was a question of survival. Though her husband warned her she was adamant she would take in the lady even if she had to do most of the work instead of the maid. Unable to understand his wife, her husband gave up trying to convince her.

The next day being a Sunday all were at home when the lady walked in for work. She accompanied the lady upstairs to explain to her the work to be done. The lady casually asked her if she had only one sibling. Thinking her mother would have mentioned her sister who was abroad to the lady, she replied in the affirmative and furnished the information that the person concerned came down only once in two years. The maid replied “oh! so you have a sister also. That makes three of you.” A little surprised she asked the lady who the third one was and pat came the reply “who else, the one sitting in the drawing room, wearing specs”. Now her daughter wore specs and she thought to herself no this couldn’t be true…..this lady wouldn’t have thought she and her daughter looked like sisters…that was too good to believe or would she have really meant that. At last unable to contain herself, she blurted out “Who is the third one you are mentioning….the one in specs you said just a few minutes ago?”. The lady lifting up her head said “The boy in specs …is he not your younger brother?” For a split second she thought she would faint. Even if the lady had mistaken her husband to be her brother she would have forgiven her but to think he was her younger brother was something she would never forget or would be allowed to forget would be more apt.

The news spread like fire and rest is story…….